AISA in Action

Several cases have been studied proving the effectiveness of AISA products.
  In this first case, we have the effects of a combined cosmeceutic and neutraceutic treatment, AISA Moleculum Capsules and Brume Tissue Repair, over the course of 60 days.
  In this second case, we notice the effects of AISA Moleculum Capsules on a patient suffering from painful and itchy dyshidrosis on the palms of the hands and feet. After two capsules a day for a week the effects where noticeable as seen below. Furthermore all discomfort caused by the condition was substantially reduced.

In our third case, the user was given a customized AISA Capsule cure of one weak preparing her to a whole face laser treatment. After the treatment a substantially diminished inflammatory reaction is visible.

BEFORE                                                 AFTER
  In our next case we demonstrate that AISA does not only help with the inflammatory reaction of laser treatment, but can also amplify it's effect.  The following person was also given a customized one week treatment of AISA Capsules, the results where obvious. the AISA Capsules led to a substantial amelioration in firmness of the skin and wrinkle reduction not obtainable by laser treatment alone.
BEFORE                                              AFTER