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About the purity and flawlessness of AISA moleculum products.


AISA CARE takes care of its customers by making them acquainted with the results of its corporate research.


AISA also takes great care of its products. For all of them be it soft gel capsules, serum or brumes, the source of the molecular ingredient d-Limonene will always be a cold pressure extract of organic orange peel (OPE).


The best crops are researched and identified at each new production, issued from orange groves on organic soil.


Once collected, OPE is submitted to a number of checks regarding its terpene composition and absence of pesticides.


Once the purest possible eluted extract is collected, supplementary reconditioning removes unwanted mono-terpenoid elements, based on safety considerations.


This flawless double-checked extract is then shipped to a seasoned manufacturer, one of the most ancient soft gel capsules producer in the world. There, the d-Limonene dose corresponding to the therapeutic window identified by AISA research will be mixed to organic sunflower oil and the preparation embedded in a soft gel capsule made of algae-based gelatin. The bio sunflower oil itself contains high amounts of vitamin A as well as omega-3 and ensures the best environment to the lipophilic d-Limonene.


AISA moleculum capsules are finally blistered and packaged, thus becoming accessible to customers on AISA commercial website.


As for the brumes and serums, the AISA OPE is sent to a manufacturer specialized in a unique WPE technology, to create a stable emulsion.